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Dr. April Mathes DC chiropractor



Our goal is to restore function while improving quality of life of patients in Georgetown and the surrounding areas through wellness care in order to attain and maintain that health.






Typically, what brings patients into our clinic is an underlying interference to their nervous system that presents as one of these symptoms:

  • migraines

  • low back pain

  • digestive issues

  • neck pain

  • hip pain

  • allergies, etc.

  Each patient undergoes a thorough history intake and detailed physical examination to determine the best way to remove those interferences:  whether it be through adjustments, spinal decompression, and/or therapy.

This way we can offer the most natural and gentle approach as possible so our patients can achieve and maintain optimal wellness as well as preventing the return of their symptoms. 

chiropractic examination
chiropractic adjustments


An adjustment is something unique to chiropractic.  It refers to the doctor applying manual pressure to a specific segment of the spine, pelvis, or extremity to remove any restrictions to the nervous system causing unwanted symptoms of disease or dysfunction.


 The nervous system controls the entire body and these disturbances inhibit the nervous system from functioning properly.


 The goal of a chiropractic adjustment is to: reduce nerve root interference, remove pressure on a joint/disc, and improve communication to organs in need of healing. 


This in turn enhances flexibility, function, and most importantly-quality of life.

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Our clinic offers a multitude of therapies designed to speed up healing and get you back to (or continue) living your best possible life.  

Hydromassage therapy reduces muscle tension and improve circulation, as well as intersegmental traction that helps restore mobility to restricted segments of the spine.  


Muscle stimulation causes the nerves to relax the irritated muscles-reducing pain levels.  


Ultrasound therapy breaks up scar tissue and decreases swelling and inflammation.  


Dr. April is a Certified Kinesio-Taping Practitioner and uses kinesio-tape to improve muscle function and athletic performance.  


She is also M1 & M2 certified in Graston Technique which utilizes stainless steel instruments to break up scar tissue and activate the healing cascade of damaged soft tissues.


Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy uses computerized technology to stretch the spine creating a negative pressure and space within the disc to allow disc material to retract/move back into place which allows the nutrients to heal itself more quickly and effectively even after therapy ends.


Sensors detect when muscles are guarding against the stretch and can release tension.


Spinal Decompression therapy provides relief from degenerated, bulging, or herniated discs causing chronic neck and lower back pain. 

Also can alleviate symptoms of arm and leg pain, tingling, or numbness from pinched nerves. 

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family 2022.JPG

Our philosophy at Align Chiropractic is directly reflected in how we treat our patients.  We strive to follow the golden rule and to treat our patients like we would family.  

We are proud to be a part of your healing process and wellness journey.

We look forward to seeing you around the clinic and keeping you active.

Meet Our Team
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Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. April grew up in Round Rock, TX and is a former RRHS Lady Dragon now living and working in "Eagle Country".  After high school she earned a Division One scholarship to play volleyball at McNeese State University, then transferred to   Texas A& M University where she studied Chemistry before graduating from Parker College of Chiropractic in 2010.  

    She had the opportunity to study and practice in Colombia, South America         where she did her graduate school internship.  Not only did she practice       her Spanish, she had the privilege of adjusting Olympic Athletes and Police Academy Cadets.  

   Dr. April started out practice as an associate doctor for 5 years in College Station, TX then continued to do coverage work for 2 years as a Locum Tenens Doctor around Central Texas discovering how she wanted to open and run her own clinic.  



Align is one of her biggest dreams and she is blessed to share it with all of you.  Dr. April thrives on helping people reach their optimal health in order to function at their highest potential.  Chiropractic is her calling and she strongly believes in unleashing the healing power from within through adjustments, proper sleep, nutrition, and stress management. Her husband Donnie and 4 children-Donald, Martha, Christopher, and Calla bring so much joy to her life.  She also enjoys cooking, painting, fishing and traveling. To stay active she continues to play volleyball, ride her bicycle, rollerblade, and practice yoga.

Chiropractic Assistant

Maddie graduated from Southwestern University in May of 2022 with a Communications degree. She played softball all four years as a second baseman. She is active in her church where she serves on the worship team. Maddie married her husband, Jacob in June of 2023 and they currently live in Georgetown with their dog, Lucy. Some of her greatest joys are being around people, going for long walks, and curling up with a good book. 

Maddie Mefford headshot_edited.png





"As someone who's very active and spends a lot of time outdoors or at the gym, when I first felt sciatic pain, it totally crippled me and took me out of my everyday routine.  I had trouble even sleeping at night. A friend of mine suggested I visit Dr. April Holly at Align Chiropractic. As I walked into the office, I immediately felt at ease by the warmth and friendliness of Dr. April and her assistant Katie.

Dr. April not only treated and fixed my sciatic pain over the course of our many sessions, but also took the time to educate me on the anatomy of the root cause of my pain.  Not having sciatic pain has allowed my to get back into my active daily life and I owe that to Dr. April and Katie.  I would recommend the Align team to anyone in search of a chiropractor in the area. They are the best!"  ~ M. Kokabi


Monday & Wednesday:  9am - 12:30pm & 3pm - 5:30pm

Tuesday & Thursday:  9am - 2pm 

 Friday:  9am - 12:30pm 

Sat & Sun: Closed

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